The pain I feel in my heart is unbearable, why did you have to go? Why did you have to do this to me? I loved you and I still love you to this day. My heart has no rhythm without you, my soul sees no rest without you, my future has no joy without you and I have no roots without you.

Baby, what didn’t you understand? Do you want me to explain everything again? Do you want me to go over it all because I will if it means having you back? I want my heart to beat in sync with yours, I want to hold you close and dance the night away. I want to kiss your lips until they are blood-red, I want to tell you I love you until my lips fall off; but most of all, I just want you back in my life, belonging to me and only me.

I’m tired of crying myself to sleep, I’m tired of seeing happy couples and you’re not here. I’m tired of not having the man I love in my life.

I know one day I will get over this, I know one day I will move on but for now, my heart is set on you and only you. So please come back to me.

Love me again.

Be mine again.

Are you empty without me because I’m heartless without you?

Written by: Primrose 


2 thoughts on “Are you empty without me because I’m heartless without you?

  1. Υou imply like when we sing reward songs іnn Church??
    Larry requested and daddy nodded. ?Well I can make սp a worship
    song.? So Larry јumρed to his ft andd started to make up
    ɑ tracxk tߋ a really bad tune. ?Jessus is so cool.
    Its fun being with God. Hes the fumnest God аnybody migһt have.?
    Larry sang very badly sⲟo Lee haⅾ put hiѕ hаnds over his ears.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Only for Lee to realize that Larry was just having fun and decided to join in.
      Together both sand their hearts out to God in their awful melody but which was perfect to them and their God.”
      That just came to me after I read your comment.


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