A lot of persons say our souls can’t be hurt or damaged.

They say our soul is the only thing that remains whole during all of our pain and failures.

What if they were told they were wrong? How do you think they would react?

Our souls can get hurt and it can be damaged.

Our souls bare the pain that our hearts won’t handle because if our heart were to handle it we would die.

Our souls can be damaged by the smallest things that break our heart.

Our souls can feel rejected, lost, unloved, deprived etc.

Our hearts can be healed and put together even though the pain will remain but our soul is not easily fixed.

Our soul cannot be healed just by sweet words or precious gifts.

You are the only person that can heal your soul with the help of God.

Everyone should take the time out to heal a soul that’s broken because without our soul we are just an empty vessel walking around for the whole world to trample and use us.

So take the time to fix your soul and someone else’s if you have the time because everyone needs a helping hand now and then.-Primrose





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