There are times I just want to scream and times I just want to sing.

“Deep breath Prim, you can do it,”

Mouth open, lyrics floating around my mind, “Just let it out, just sing.”

Three words out, hands over lips

“What was I thinking I sound like shit.”

Self-esteem is broken, tears start to fall.

“I just wanted to let out what I was feeling.”

Pen to paper, words caressing the gentle thickness of my new friend.

Outflow the words, one after the other, release has found me.

Piles of empty pages now filled, “I wonder if I can do this spoken word thing?”

Posture ready, secrets memorized, mouth dry with damp hands,

“I wonder if you remember me the way I remember you. Baby soft hands and velvety lips. My sunrise in my tsunami of feelings.”

Few words out, self-esteem is broken again.

“My voice sounds horrible, the words make no sense and I’m not even speaking loud enough. Maybe my secrets are only meant to be heard by these books I’ve grown to love.”




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