Do you remember when you were younger and you treasured your toys?

There was always that one special one that you just had to have with you at all times.

You wouldn’t eat, shower or sleep without and when you would lose it, it’s like the world turned black and white.

Then out of the blue, you found it and it brought back colors into your life.

There are times we lose ourselves in the process of trying to fit in and please everyone.

There are times we lose ourselves when we try to change who we truly are.

Then there are times when we lose ourselves just because we do not know who we are.

Lost in a world where everyone is mainly focused on themselves, only a few are willing to lend you a hand on your journey.

But sometimes even those that we think are genuine, are leeches behind screens, sucking you dry as you move along.

Days pass and you wonder, who is that person looking back?

Who is that person supposed to be and what is their purpose?

Then there comes the day when the rainbow comes out without any rain and you finally find yourself.

You find the lady or gentleman you truly are.

You find your strong and low points, you see people for who they truly are and you see the greatness in you.

Then you realize that you have found yourself once again.

You have found that scared little girl or boy and made them strong.

You have found your insecurities and made them your strong points.

You have found the person you once thought you lost and is now able to love yourself again.


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