In a world where sorrow and pain overpower the joy and laughter of others.

It’s hard not to feel lost, forgotten and dead.

Where just a few words can cause so much destruction and anguish.

It’s hard to find a hand that will comfort you instead of breaking you down


Have you ever sat down and felt and hear your heartbreak from the constant heartbreak and lost?

Have you ever felt your soul slip from your body, leaving you staring into the abyss of nothing;

While your soul roams the land of the forgotten?

Have you ever felt so lost that no one can bring you back to who you really were?

Have you ever had to go day after day after day wearing a fake smile, cheering up others;

While on the inside you’re breaking, crumbling, falling, dying, where no one understands your pain?

It will all end someday, right?

It will all go away.

Every brokenness, emptiness, forgotten-ness, every urge to cut, it will all go away but I just can’t tell you when.

Life is full of pain and heartache, but everyone faces it.

Some learn from it while others just continue the same path to destruction.

Everything is going to be ok; you don’t need anyone to make you feel special. All you need is yourself.

Just hold on and have faith because you will soon feel whole again.



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