From your soft hands and soft lips to every thought we shared, my heart belonged to you.
You made me laugh, you made me cry but now it is over.
There is no longer an us and a tiny feeling in me is happy about that.
I have become stronger and wiser.
I am more aware of who I want to be.
Our relationship was great but that one thing that happened changed the course of it all.
Your eyes showed that you loved me and your lips said that you did but it was all a lie.
I gave you my all but you did not give me yours.
Was it so hard for you to do that?
I brought myself to a level to meet your needs and expectations.
I brought down my expectations of the world to suit you.
I did for you but you wouldn’t do anything for me.
No longer will it happen.
No longer will I think less of myself.
No longer will I hurt.
Thank you for the day it ended because now I can be the person I want and the person I am.


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