I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long. My husband decided to start his own business, will 2 to be exact a home improvement company and an electric. Being the “supportive” person I am, I have been tagging along with him to help him out. I haven’t gotten electrocuted so that is a plus but I have gotten a few scrapes here and there. Honestly, it was a lot of fun spending those days with him as he worked.

He also wanted a website down and so I tried to make one for him but personally, I think it could be better. I’ll insert the link and if you could please check it out and give any advice that would be truly appreciated. I still have to add photos and make the social accounts

In conclusion, I’m back and I finally found a name for my finished project. I still haven’t truly found someone to edit it as yet so I’ve been editing it as best as I could.





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