A heart dies when it is not able to share its feelings... But a heart kills itself when another heart does not understand its feelings.


My Love For You

Your love is wide like the ocean and full of emotion. When you smile you make me cry because you are beautiful like the sun. Your lips are blue like berries, my lips are red like cherries and without you, there is no life for me.

Missing You

It is raining on your face, it is raining on me. What can I do to make it all stop? I want to see that beautiful smile on your face. I want yo hear you say you love me and that you always will, even just to cheer me up.

New Year

I know it's a little too late for a new year's resolution but I saw a few today and realised I've never done one. I've never planned what I wanted to do for a year or plan ahead for a few milestones that would make a world of a difference when I achieve it. So I decided to make one. It's not too late, right? It's still early in the year. So here goes: My New Year's Resolution 1.Get a degree in anything really. I had started college in 2015 but had to stop in 2017 because I didn't have the funds to continue. I still don't but life goes on. My mom had 10 children, I'm the 8th, the 9th died and the 10th is who I need to prove that there is more out there. I'm the first in college, and the first that was on her way to being an undergrad but they just didn't have it. I somehow feel like I failed them.Β 

Sweet Deliverance-WIP

Take a deep breath and calm your nerves. Close your eyes and count to ten. Pound the walls and stab the pillows. Draw the knife and make a slice. Out it oozes down your hand. Unto the floor, it pools below. You close your eyes and let it slide The feeling of freedom coming now.

I’m the type of person

I'm the type of person that tells you to forgive but I can't forgive myself. It's been 11 years and counting since my brother died and I cant forgive myself because I wasn't able to save him. I was his big sister I was supposed to be his protector but yet I failed him.