Mental Runner

I try to follow the mantra "live in the present and not in the past" but the unknown scares me. So, I dwell in the past. It's not healthy, I know, but it's comforting. It's comforting and dangerous because that cushiony blanket of the past that protects me, keeps me from living the live I should be living. It stops me from being the person I could be, fabulous and all.

Tell Me I’m Beautiful

Tell me I’m precious like the expensive jewelry you always tend to keep safe.

Tell me you love me so that I don’t have to wonder where your heart truly lies.

Tell me you need me so I feel like I belong instead of unwanted.

Tell me you’ll be there even on my darkest days because I get depressed a lot and need a friendly face.

Tell me you understand that I need time during those days instead of saying that you don’t care.

Tell me I’m beautiful so I can see the beauty in me.

My Love For You

Your love is wide like the ocean and full of emotion.
When you smile you make me cry because you are beautiful like the sun.
Your lips are blue like berries, my lips are red like cherries and without you, there is no life for me.

Are you empty without me because I’m heartless without you?

Baby, what didn't you understand? Do you want me to explain everything again? Do you want me to go over it all because I will if it means having you back? I want my heart to beat in sync with yours, I want to hold you close and dance the night away. I want to kiss your lips until they are blood-red, I want to tell you I love you until my lips fall off; but most of all, I just want you back in my life, belonging to me and only me.